Sephardi Shabbat with Cantors Pivko and Cohen, HOT Hamin Kiddush!!!

After our wildly successful Sushi Shabbat (which we’ll now be hosting once a month on Shabbat Mevarchim), we are please to host this week – Sephardi Shabbat!

Sephardi Shabbat, October 20, will feature a special musical Musaf mix of Ashkenazi and Sephardic song with Cantor Shlomo Pivko and Yeminite Cantor Shlomo Cohen at 11am.

Kiddish to follow with Authentic Sephardic Hamin and other delights.

Sephardi Shabbat is generously sponsored by our dear benefactor, Yosef Patrice Vuillard in honor of Hannah and Eliaou Sellem’s Aliyah this week from Paris.There’s nothing like Shabbat at TAIS!

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