Shavuot All-Night Learning in English, French & Hebrew!!!

Join us Saturday Night – Sunday Morning, May 23-24 for the Shavuot Festival Experience of a Lifetime!!!!

7:00pm – Mincha & Seudah Shlishit followed by a Special Festive Tefilah

English & French Shiurim: (For Hebrew Schedule, click HERE)

“Kol B’Isha Ervah: The Naked Truth of Women’s Singing in Halacha” – ENGLISH
Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn, Founding Rabbi, The Tel Aviv International Synagogue “Beit El”


“Les Midots et la Reception de notre Torah” – FRENCH

Rabbi Gadi Zerbib, Rabbi, Zera Yisrael

Shavuot 5775 - A3

“The Gleaner & the Redeemer: The Secret Symbolism of the Grain from Megillat Ruth to the Zohar”

Rachel Verliebter, Author & Research Fellow Moussaieff Institute for Kabbalah Research, Bar Ilan University, Psychotherapist 

“Rational & Irrantional Judaism”
Rabbi Dr. Rafael Shuchat, Professor of Jewish Philosophy, Bar Ilan University


“Two Guys & a Water Bottle: Jewish Ethics in the Desert”

Atara Neuberger, Jewish Philosophy & Tanach Lecturer

“Inventing Torah Law:  אינה של תורה ועשאוה כשל תורה”
Michael Yalkut


Kumsitz Sing-A-Long, Reading of Megillat Ruth and Sunrise Services with Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn

Complimentary Admission!
For further information:

Chag Sameach



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