Exciting News @ TAIS!!!

A lot of exciting developments have been taking place over the last few months at TAIS!

The front stairway is getting repaired and new marble is being installed.  The back (Northern) wall of the shul is under repair with plaster and paint.  Thank you to Yossi Gabsu and family!   

The front entrance hall and lobby were recently restored and received a fresh coat of paint!  Thank you to Denis Lalaev and Malka Goldstein!

A Stunning “Elijah’s Chair” for Brit Milah was donated by Albert and Shoshana Marrache!

Landscaping and gardening around the property.  Thank you to Josh Buckowski!

New French translated Siddurim – Patach Eliyahu was donated by Albert Marrache!

New Russian translated Siddurim were donated by Denis Lalaev and Malka Goldstein!

Almost one hundred new Artscroll Siddurim have been donated by Ludovic Kessas, Sarah Berrebi, Oren & Yudi Barashi, Ann & Stanley Borden, Sandy Ehrenkranz, Kipp & Talya Adler, Ailene & Oskar Laufer, Chemda Bareli, Alessio Aguirre-Pimentel and Ariel Seidman!

The upstairs simcha hall was painted a number of months ago along beautiful new chandeliers!  Thank you to Sarah & Marcos Bandiera, Ailene & Oskar Laufer, the Doron family, Shalom Haim and Joseph Joseph!

The Shabbat – ready water cooler was donated and installed by Ira Bogomolova!

The Holy Ark has been endowed with lights on the lions and tablets as well as in the interior lighting up the Torahs!  Thank you to Rami Yashunsky!


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