Oneg Shabbat – Singing & Snacks with Bnei Akiva USA! Seudah Shlishit & Musical Havdalah!

Bnei Akiva USA is coming to town and TAIS will be hosting a Shabbaton for Yeshiva and Seminary students participating in the gap year Torah V’Avoda (TVA) program.

The whole community is invited for two special events:

An Oneg Shabbat and Tisch with the Bnei Akiva!

Friday night, December 16 at approx 9:00pm.

The Oneg Tish will feature song, stories, snacks and Divrei Torah!

Admission is Complimentary. Please bring a cake, snack, fruit or drink to add to the festivity!

A special Bnei Akiva Style Seudah Shlishit and Havdalah!

Shabbat, December 17 – 4:30pm in the Friedler Beit Midrash

There will be Mincha, a light meal, singing and divrei Torah!

The evening will conclude with a Bnei Akiva Havdalah!


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