Get Prepared for the Festival of Freedom with TAIS!

Passover is around the corner!  Take care of all your Pre-Pesach Preparation with TAIS!

1.  Important Halachic Times & Schedule of Services for First Day of Pesach 

Erev Pesach, Friday, March 30

8:00am – Morning Services & Siyum for Fast of the Firstborn

10:41am (Gra) – Lastest Time to Eat Chametz

11:43am (Gra) – Lastest Time to Burn Chametz

6:41pm – Candle Lighting

6:50pm – Mincha & Festive Kabbalat Shabbat & Holiday Services with Chazzan David Blum

First Day of Pesach, Shabbat, March 31

12:45am – Lastest Time to Eat Afikoman

8:45am – Morning Services followed by a light Kiddush

6:30pm – Mincha & Seudah Shlishit

7:37pm – Maariv & Havdalah

For the rest of the Schedule of Services over Pesach – Click HERE

2.  Sale of Chametz  

Rabbi Ariel is available for selling your chametz in the evenings.  DEADLINE: Thursday, March 29 – 3:00pm!!!  If you cannot make it in person, email Rabbi Ariel all the addresses that have Chametz to until the deadline above.

3.  Shabbat HaGadol Drasha

Rabbi Ariel will deliver his Annual Shabbat HaGadol Drasha on Shabbat HaGadol on Shabbat afternoon, March 24 at 6:30pm.

4.  Pre-Pesach Seminars

Monday, March 19 – Insights into the Haggadah with Rabbi Dr. Rafael Shuchat – 8:00pm (English).  Join us for a class on the Haggadah of Pesach to enhance your Passover Seder and enrich your experience with Rabbi Dr. Rafi Shuchat!  hagaddah

Rabbi Rafi is a professor of Jewish Philosophy at Bar Ilan University and a senior educator at The Tel Aviv International Synagogue

Complimentary Admission.  Donations welcome!


Tuesday, March 20 –  Relationships and Mysticism – Kabbalistic Insights into the Biblical Love Story – Song of Songs with Kabbalist and Astrologer Amit Adler – 8:30pm (English)  shir hashirim

Winter has gone and spring is coming! Join Kabbalist and Astrologer Amit Adler for a discussion on spring, love and some of the deepest secrets of Kabbalah and our relationship with G-d and our partners in life.

The discussion will be based in a study of Song of Songs by King Solomon which is traditionally read on Passover.

Complimentary Admission.  Donati0ns welcome!


Wednesday, March 21 – Preparing Your Home for Pesach with Rabbi Stewart Weiss – 6:30pm (English)  LTdoeKnAc

A special session on the process of Kashering your Kitchen and preparing your home for Pesach and the Seder.

Rabbi Stewart Weiss is a Senior Educator and Founder of the Jewish Outreach Center in Ra’anana. He is a new and welcome addition to our Teaching Staff at TAIS!

Complimentary Admission.  Donati0ns welcome!


Wednesday, March 26 –  Leaving the Shackles of Slavery – Then & Today with Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn – 8:00pm (English)

Join Rabbi Ariel on a journey exploring slavery and freedom from the Exodus to the present day. The discussion will serve to deepen your knowledge and enhance your Seder experience.  shackles

Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn is the Founding Rabbi of The Tel Aviv International Synagogue and Senior Torah Educator.

Complimentary Admission. Donations Welcome!


 5.  Prepare for the Music of the Sedercantor israel nachman tordjman

Listen to our Chazzan Israel Nachman Tordjman sing the classics of the Seder in concert!

6.  Siyum Bechorim

Rabbi Ariel will conclude the Tractate Beitzah on Monday morning, March 30 following Shacharit at 8:00am.  All firstborn men in attendance will thereby be exempt from the Fast of the Firstborns.  A light breakfast will be served.

7.  Kitchen Kashering

We recommend the following website as a guide to Kashering your Kitchen for Pesach:

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