Film Screening & Musical, Mystical Selichot

Kick off the Holiday Season with a most special and unique experience! Join your TAIS family for moving and musical Selichot Services & Shiur with Rabbi Ariel & Chazzan David Blum!
Selichot with david blum 2018


Saturday Night, September 1


10:00pm – Film Screening – The Jazz Singer with Al Jolson & Chazzan Yossele Rosenblatt  


11:30pm – Musical & Mystical Selichot Services with Chazzan Blum & Rabbi Ariel 


the jazz singer

The Jazz Singer is Hollywood’s first ever Talkie Movie and tells the story of the son of a Jewish Cantor who defies the traditions of his religious father in order to pursue his dream of being a popular jazz singer.  Will he return to tradition and sing Kol Nidrei?

Complimentary Admission.
Photo by John Springer Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images
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