Quality Lulav & Etrog on Super Sale with Tzohar!

Super Sukkot Sale!  We are pleased to offer quality sets of Arba Minim for Sukkot at an amazing price with Tzohar’s kosher supervision!  TAIS Arba Minim Flyer 2019.pages

Basic Set – 60 NIS
Mehadrin Set – 90 NIS

This year, all sets come with a FREE Carrying Case and complimentary koishkelach (woven hadasim and aravot holder).

To purchase by credit card:  https://eventbuzz.co.il/lp/event/tais-lulavsale5780 or contact our office at tais.frishman23@gmail.com or 052-457-7193

Absolute Deadline:  Saturday night, October 5

All purchases benefit The Tel Aviv International Synagogue!

Chag Sameach!

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