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We have received the following health protocols for synagogues from the Religious Council of Tel Aviv:
1.  Minyan is ON @TAIS but will be limited to no more than 100 people in one location as per the Health Ministry directives.  According to the TLV Religious Council, we are the only shul in the city significantly affected by this rule.  As such TAIS is vigilantly working to maintain a safe environment and are in constant communication with both Health and Rabbinic Authorities.  So come early! First Come, First Serve!
2.  In order to accommodate all members of our community, we are seeking alternative solutions i.e. multiple minyans and/or near by alternative locations to direct the overflow.  We will announce details shortly.
3.  It is critical for all to abide by the regulations of the Ministry of Health and those required to be in quarantine should not come to synagogue for any reason.  Additionally, if one does not feel well or is in a high risk category, do not go to shul but rather daven from home, even if you are not required by law to be in quarantine.  It is your halachic responsibility to protect yourself and the welfare of others.  This applies not just to Corona but to any communicable disease such as the flu and lesser sicknesses.
4.  Windows will be opened to allow for good ventilation.  If the weather is cooperative, we will daven outside in the Shomron Garden.

5.  Davening will be kept short & and the Rabbi will not give his drasha at the service. (A dvar Torah will be disseminated so it can be read at leisure.)

6.  Kiddushes will be cancelled until further notice and there will be no mingling after services.  We will make Kiddush at the service and mezonot will be available in the lobby for those who need.

7.  NO shaking hands.  A slight bow or Dr. Spock “Cohen” greeting to say Shabbat Shalom or Yishar Koach will suffice.

8.  NO touching or kissing the Mezuzah, Sefer Torah, Siddurim or Chumashim.  Bring your own siddur and Chumash if you can.

9.  Upon entering the synagogue, please wash your hands or use the hand sanitizer that TAIS has put out for the community.  You are encouraged as well to bring your own pocket sanitizer.  (While liquid sanitizer is preferred for Shabbat, gel is permitted for us provided that it is completely absorbed into the skin.)

For hand washing instructions and a more in depth halachic analysis, please CLICK HERE for more details.

10.  Important to cough or sneeze into a disposable tissue, immediately discard it and wash/ sanitize your hands. Use your elbow only if you have to. The clothing on your elbow will contain infectious virus that can be passed on for up to a week or more!  Bring your own tissues and we will put out in the shul as well.

11.  Keep up to date on the Health Ministry’s instructions.  CLICK HERE for details

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