IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: TAIS Moves to Online Activities and Temporarily Suspends All Activities in Frishman 23

TAIS’s commitment to our community’s health is supreme and we are intent on putting forth the maximum efforts to discourage the spread of the virus and to protect our community members.  Therefore, as of Wednesday, March 18, TAIS Announced the Temporary Suspension of All Activities in Frishman 23.  During the interim, and thanks to a generous donation, the synagogue has contracted a professional company to fully sanitize and disinfect every corner of the shul and, at the same time, do a thorough Pesach cleaning.

TAIS has introduced a number of exciting, new online community initiatives!

a.  Home Davening at the Scheduled Shul Minyan Time

While minyan isn’t able to take place at TAIS, we encourage you all to daven at home at the same time that minyan would have been held.  In that way, we are pooling our spiritual energies together despite our physical distance. Thus, we will continue to post the service times as they would have been scheduled.

b.  Bring in the Shabbat with Am Yisrael, the Chazz and Rabbi Ariel and Family LIVE on TAIS Facebook!

This Friday, March 20, we will bring in Shabbat together on Live FB!

5:00pm – Am Yisrael As One – TAIS is joining the national effort of Singing Lecha Dodi & Shalom Aleichem on balconies

5:10pm – Join with our illustrious Chazzan Israel Nachman as he sings Yedid Nefesh, the pre-song opener to Kabbalat Shabbat from his home in Tzfat.

5:15pm – Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat with Rabbi Ariel & Family

To participate, CLICK HERE and the Livestream will broadcast at the above time.

c.  Daily Torah Talks – Lunchtime Learning Livestreams with TAIS

Details in a separate article.  Join us!


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