IMPORTANT COMMUNITY NOTICE – SOFT OPENING to Resuming Activities this SHABBAT at TAIS! Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat will ALSO be Broadcast LIVE on Facebook! 

As the rate of infection is on the decline, we are pleased to announce that we will hold services this Shabbat!  The Shabbat services will take place in the Shomron Gardens with the following parameters:Shomron Garden Deck Davening 1

1.  Pre-registration is Required

2.  Limited to 19 people – Men and Women in low risk categories.

3.  Social distancing of 2 meters  – outdoors only! Shomron Garden Deck Davening 2

4.  Masks and Gloves required at all time

5.  Bring your own Siddur, Chumash and Tallit

6.  No Kiddush will be served.

In order to reserve your slot:

Only those registered, deemed low risk and pre-approved and will be admitted!

Friday, May 1  

5:00pm – Join our illustrious Chazzan Israel Nachman as he sings Kabbalat Shabbat Songs on FB LIVE from his home in Tzfat!

6:15pm – Mincha & Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat on Facebook LIVE from the Shomron Garden of TAIS!

For details:

The LIVESTREAM will be broadcast at the above times on The Tel Aviv International Synagogue בית הכנסת הבינלאומי של תל אביב -בית אל  

7:03pm – Candle Lighting 

Shabbat, May 2 – Parshat Acharei Mot – Kedoshim

Services will be held in the Garden of TAIS as per the above parameters.  Pre-registration required!

8:45am – Morning Services

7:00pm – Mincha

7:20pm – Gemara Shiur

7:55pm – Maariv

8:02pm – Shabbat Ends – Havdalah

Shabbat Shalom!

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