Increased Safety & Security for our Shul – Outdoor Lighting & Security Cameras

In order to increase the safety of our community and security for the synagogue, we have invested in improved outdoor lighting to illuminate the dark areas and enable safe passage.  It will also serve to prevent drug addicts and vandals from plaguing our sacred space.  We have also installed LED strips on the steps of the deck leading out to Frishman for added safety and security.

In addition, we have replaced the four high powered white projectors on the deck with eight smaller, warm yellow light projectors which will create a better ambiance.  The new setup with enable us  to turn on half of the lights or all them depending on the needs.  Half light will be ideal to set the mood for our Shabbat Dinners and full is best for Shiurim and Services. We also installed lights in the Back Patio creating a new space for Kiddushes in the event that the deck and the upstairs space is taken.

Security Cameras have also been installed in the synagogue and around the outside to help serve as a deterrent to theft and vandalism from our neighbors (unfortunately they have caused us much physical damage) and help us monitor who enters the premises.

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