This Week’s Schedule of Daily Torah Talks – Lunchtime Learning Livestreams with TAIS

Join Rabbi Ariel and an amazing Dream Team of Rabbis, Rabbanits, Professors and Educators on our online Daily Torah Talks! Join us!

This week’s Torah Talks schedule:

Friday, June 5

1:00pm – Rabbi Dr. Rafi Shuchat – Dealing with Stress and Depression during the Pandemic (English)

Sunday, June 7

1:00pm – Rabbi Yosef Leibowitz – A Study in Tehillim (English)

1:30pm – Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn – Ruth & Boaz: The Makings of Messiah (English) – A Shavuot Lecture Rerun on FB LIVE!

Monday, June 8

1:00pm – Rabbi Professor Jeffrey WoolfPirkei Avot Series: In History and Haskafa (Philosophy) (English)

5:00pm – Rabbi Dr. Rafi Shuchat – Halachic Issues during the Pandemic (English)

Tuesday, June 9

1:00pm – Rabbi Dr. Rafi Shuchat – Judaism and Ethics – Part 3 (English)

Wednesday, June 10

1:00pm – Rabbanit Michal Kohane – Highlights from the Weekly Daf (English)

1:30pm – Rabbanit Michal Kohane – Highlights from the Weekly Daf (Hebrew)

Thursday, June 11

1:00pm – Atara Lindenbaum on the Parsha (English)

1:30pm – Rabbi Yosef Harsonski – Parsha & Mitzvah Review (Russian)

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