This Week’s Daily Torah Talks – Lunchtime Learning Livestreams with TAIS

Join Rabbi Ariel and an amazing Dream Team of Rabbis, Rabbanits, Professors and Educators on our online Daily Torah Talks!

This week’s Torah Talks schedule:

Friday, June 12

1:00pm – Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn on the Parsha – What Went Wrong with Gen Exodus? How Can We Learn From Them To Fix the Ills of our Generation? (English)

13:30 – הרב אריאל קונסטנטין על הפרשה – למה דור המדבר לא זכו להיכנס לארץ ישראל?  ואיך ניתן ללמוד מזה לתקן העולם שלנו היום

Sunday, June 14

1:00pm – Rabbi Yosef Leibowitz – Study in Tehillim

Monday, June 15

1:00pm – Rabbi Prof. Jeffrey Woolf – Pirkei Avot in Halacha & Hashkafa (Philosophy) (English)

5:00pm – Rabbi Dr. Rafi Shuchat – Overcoming Stress during the Pandemic – An Interview with a Psychotherapist from NY (English)

Tuesday, June 9

1:00pm – Rabbi Dr. Rafi Shuchat – A Mishna in Pirkei Avot (English)

Wednesday, June 10

1:00pm – Rabbanit Michal Kohane – Highlights from the Weekly Daf (English)

13:30 – הרבנית מיכל כהנא – עיונים בדף היומי של השבוע (עברית)

1:30pm – Rabbanit Michal Kohane – Highlights from the Weekly Daf (Hebrew)

Thursday, June 11

1:00pm – Atara Lindenbaum on the Parsha (English)

1:30pm – Rabbi Yosef Harsonski – Parsha & Mitzvah Review (Russian)


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