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Become a Member of the fastest growing Jewish community in Tel Aviv! 

Enjoy Tel Aviv’s MOST INSPIRING Service with Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn, the CHAZZ Israel Nachman and Rafi Biton’s Kolot Min HaShamayim A Capella & Youth Choir.  

Renew your membership and reserve your seats TODAY!  CLICK HERE to reserve.
We expect another SRO (standing room only) crowd so reserve early! 
Early Bird Special – Register by August 12th and get 10% OFF !

VIP & Premium Membership Benefits include:

  • High Holiday Seats & Machzor priority – see details below
  • Discounts on Dinners, Concerts and Events!
  • Discounts on Kosher Restaurants, Cafes, Judaica and Beauty Salons!

VIP MEMBERSHIP entitles you to Priority Seating in the TAIS Sanctuary!  You will be able to choose your seat upon reservation well in advance of the holidays.
PREMIUM RESERVED SEATS entitles you to a reserved seat in the TAIS sanctuary.  We would be happy to honor your requested seat assignment if available on the day before the holiday.
For VIP and PREMIUM MEMBERS, you will also be given priority to receive an Artscroll or Rinat Yisrael Machzor.
Non-Members – TAIS is open to all and welcomes you to come complimentary.  You can sit in any unreserved seat and receive a regular Machzor as available.  Please consider a donation for the beautiful and inspiring service you will enjoy.

Individuals: 1,000 nis VIP / 750 nis Premium
Individuals – Senior Citizen:  650 nis (Premium only)
Individuals – First Year Olim Chadashim:  650 nis (Premium only)
Young Couples (under 30):  1,200 nis (Premium only)
Couples:  1,800 nis VIP, 1,400 nis Premium
Families (up to 4 seats**):  2,400 nis VIP / 1,800 nis Premium
Families – First Year Olim  (up to 4 seats**): 1,500 nis (Premium only)
Families – Single Parent (up to 3 seats**):  1,100 nis  (Premium only)
**  Family Membership enables the purchase of additional seats for children – 250 NIS per seat
Soldiers (while in mandatory service):  FREE!
To join our Sponsor-A-Soldier Seat CampaignCLICK HERE
Rosh HaShanah OR Yom Kippur Seat ONLY: 400 nis (with no membership benefits or VIP seating option)

Individuals: $360 VIP / $250 Premium
Couples:  $650 VIP / $450 Premium
Family Package (up to 4 seats**)$800 VIP / $650 Premium
**  Family Membership enables the purchase of additional seats for children – $100 per seat
Rosh HaShanah OR Yom Kippur Seat ONLY:  $150 (with no membership benefits or VIP seating option)

To Donate by Credit Card

To Donate by Bank Transfer:
Metzion: The Institute of Zionism and Jewish Heritage
Bank HaPoalim 12
Branch: 446
Account: 46310
For foreign transfers, add:
IBAN –  IL020124460000000046310
Swift Code: POALILIT
Address:  Nachal Nitzanim 16, Beit Shemesh

To Donate by Cash or Check:  Contact Rabbi Ariel at 052-283-8599 or Pinchas 052-457-7193

TAIS is Putting the HIGH back into the HIGH Holy Days 5779! 

Artscroll Siddurim Campaign

Every Shabbat, we are blessed with a packed house especially for our Carlebach Kabbalat Shababt!  artscroll siddur

We are in desperate need of Hebrew/English Artscroll Siddurim. We’d like to enable everyone who comes to join us for services to have a Siddur.

Our goal for this year is to acquire at 150 new Siddurim.  For a donation of 180 nis, you will receive a dedication label inside the siddur.

To donate online – CLICK HERE!
For cash or check, contact Rabbi Ariel 052-283-8599 or Pinchas 052-4578-7193

In the merit of your generosity and the prayers voiced from the siddurim you donated, may Hashem bless you with health, peace and prosperity!

Support the Spiritual Renaissance in Tel Aviv!

The Tel Aviv International Synagogue has sparked a renaissance of Jewish life and tradition throughout Tel Aviv.  Across the city, synagogues are reappearing, minyanim are growing, and Torah learning is everywhere.  From the Tel Aviv port to furthest reaches of Jaffa, Israelis everywhere are taking new pride in our ancient traditions.

The Tel Aviv Synagogue is a local, grassroots community that exists because of the commitment and participation of the community. While all are welcome to our services and programs, your donation is essential to our future.  As we do not receive funding from the City or from the Rabbinate, your generosity is the primary way to ensure that our kehilla continues to thrive.

Donate to The Tel Aviv International Synagogue TODAY & Leave your Mark on the Future of Judaism in Israel!  Click below to donate by Paypal, CLICK HERE

To Donate by Bank Transfer:

Metzion: The Institute of Zionism and Jewish Heritage
Bank HaPoalim 12
Branch: 446
Account: 46310
IBAN –  IL020124460000000046310
Swift Code: POALILIT
Address:  Nachal Nitzanim 16, Beit Shemesh

To receive a US Tax Deduction :

Please make out your check to:  P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds and mail to: 1398 Prospect Avenue, East Meadow, NY 11554. Please put: “For Metzion” in the notes of the check

To Donate with Cash or non-US Check:

Check: Please make out your check to: Metzion and mail to:  Frishman 23, Tel Aviv.
Cash:  Please contact Pinchas 052-457-7193 or Rabbi Ariel 52-283-8599

Donations are fully tax deductible in Israel.


Since it’s founding in 2009, The Tel Aviv International Synagogue has flourished under the indefatigable leadership of Rabbi Ariel and Rabbanit Cheryl.  Thousands from around the world have flocked to this one of a kind, warm and welcoming community.  RAK in shul

Due to the stress of the exhorbitant housing market and since he receives no salary from the synagogue or the government, Rabbi Ariel, Cheryl and family have had to more out of Tel Aviv.

The TAIS community seeks the continued leadership of Rabbi Ariel and Cheryl.   The impact they have made in our lives is too important to let go.  As such, we are joining together to fund Shabbat accommodations for Rabbi Ariel and his family.  In this way, we can continue to benefit from the unique experience, learning and spiritual fulfillment we’ve enjoyed these many years.

Please consider a monthly donation as per the categories below.  Please note – The numbers are a yearly commitment and can be divided over 12 monthly payments.

To donate by credit card, CLICK HERE.

For further information, please contact Muriel Goldstein – 054-437-3222 or Pinchas at 052-457-7193

 Support our IDF Soldiers!

The Tel Aviv International Synagogue is raising funds and donating critical items to our soldiers in need.  In direct response to an urgent request from the IDF, we donated over 1,000 pairs of socks to the Golani 51 Brigade who are fighting day and night and putting their lives on the line for our safety.  The needs are many.  If you want to take action and make a difference, CLICK HERE

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