TAIS High Holy Days Choir Practice!

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TAIS Gourmet Community Sukkot Dinner in the Beautiful Shomron Garden Sukkah!

Join us for a delicious, gourmet Sukkot Dinner in the Shomron Garden of The Tel Aviv International Synagogue on the First Night of Sukkot!  TAIS Succah

Festive Services begin Sunday, October 4 at 6:00pm followed by Dinner in the Sukkah

Cost – until Sunday, October 2:
Members: 115 shekels
Non-Members: 140 shekels


Last minute tickets up until 24 hours before the event if available:
Members – 135 NIS
Non-Members – 160 NIS

Reservations by credit card: https://tixwise.co.il/en/sukkot-dinner-5778

For Cash or Check payments – contact Pinchas at 052-457-7193. Your reservation is complete only after payment.

Chag Sameach!!!

For more information on High Holy Day seats and membership, http://metzion.org/index.php/donate/

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7th Annual TAIS Cast Your Sins Away – Tashlich @ Frishman Beach!

On Rosh HaShanah, be part of a massive Community Gathering at Frishman Beach for our Annual Cast-Your-Sins-Away Tashlich!  tashlich

Thursday, September 21 – 6:15pm

B.Y.O.B. – Bring Your Own Bread! Just kidding – We’ll provide that for you!

Full 100 Shofar Blasts for those who missed

RSVP – https://www.facebook.com/events/498526410480405/

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Rosh HaShanah Young Professionals Dinner – 2nd Night!

Rosh Hashanah Dinner in Tel Aviv, Israel – 2nd Night – Thursday, September 21st  Honey-apples-and-pomegranate--seeds

Join us for a delicious & inspiring Rosh Hashana meal strictly for Young Professional Internationals, Israelis, New Olim & Lone Soldiers.

Dinner is hosted by Jodi and Gavin Samuels, Co-founders of the JICNY.

Enjoy meeting new people from all over the world.

DATE: Thursday, September 21st, 2017
TIME: Mincha starts at 5:45pm, followed by tashlich on the beach. Then Maariv is at 6:50pm. Dinner will start around 7:30PM.
WHERE: The Tel Aviv International Synagogue – Beit El, #23 Frishman St (off of Ben Yehuda St)

COST: 70nis (or $20USD) per person
*Note that the regular dinner price is 140nis and the tickets are highly subsidized by JICNY
180nis L’Chaim sponsor- Sponsor a nice bottle of wine
Lone Soldier FREE

RSVP required: Send email to events@jicny.com and write “2nd Night TLV Rosh Hashana” in the subject line

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The AWESOME Days of Awe! Rosh HaShanah & Yom Kippur with Rabbi Ariel, the CHAZZ & Rafi Biton’s Choir!

TAIS High Holy Days Flyer 2017 English

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Tel Aviv’s Elegant Rosh HaShanah Community Dinner!

Enjoy Fine Dining, Wine & Spirits and Excellent Company at The Tel Aviv International Synagogue’s Annual Rosh HaShanah Gala Dinner!  Pesach Seder

Start the New Year off right with a full Seder including all the traditional (and some not so traditional) “simanim” delicacies, blessings, fun and songs with our AMAZING Chazzan & Choir!

The gourmet, festive dinner will take place on Wednesday, September 20 (1st night of RH) following services with Chazzan Israel Nachman and Rafi Biton’s Tzeirei Kolot Min HaShamayim Choir!

Cost of the Dinner:
Members: 120 NIS
Non-Members: 140 NIS
Child (3-8): 70 NIS
Lone Soldiers – FREE!

RSVP deadline – Sunday, September 17!
SEATING IS LIMITED! Advanced registration ONLY! Your registration will be complete upon payment!

To make your reservation, click on the following link: https://tixwise.co.il/en/tais-roshhashanah-dinner5778

For further information or to pay in cash or check, SMS Rabbi Ariel at 052-283-8599 or Pinchas at 052-457-7193

For more information on High Holy Day seats and membership:
*** Residents Discounted Rate – https://tixwise.co.il/en/tais-hhdseats-and-membership5778
*** Non-Resident Rate – https://tixwise.co.il/en/tais-hhdseats-and-membership5778-nr

Wishing all Am Yisrael a Shana Tova – A Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year!

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Special Musical & Mystical Selichot Night with Chazzan Blum & Pianist Uri Zafrir

Kick off the Holiday Season with a most special and unique experience! Join your TAIS family for moving and musical Selichot Services & Shiur! TAIS Selichot flyer 5778
Saturday Night, September 16
Shiur – 10:30pm Rabbi Ariel will speak on the topic: “Self Reflection in the Age of Selfies”
Selichot – 11:00pm – Musical & Mystical Selichot Services with Chazzan Blum, Rabbi Ariel and Pianist Uri Zafrir
Complimentary Admission.
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New Year’s Sushi & Champagne Reception, New Holy Ark Cover Dedication & Musical Celebration

The Tel Aviv International Synagogue has been blessed to receive a stunning new parochet – a Holy Ark curtain and Shulchan – Torah Table cover.
The new covers will be unveiled on Selichot Night and have been donated by Joshua Bukowsky in loving memory of his beloved parents – Jacob & Dorit Bukowsky
Saturday, September 16 – 9:30pm
Join us for the dedication accompanied by a musical celebration and a Sushi & Champagne Reception to welcome the new curtains and toast the coming New Year!
Complimentary Admission.
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Become a Member of The Tel Aviv International Synagogue & Reserve Your High Holiday Seats TODAY!

TAIS Membership 5778 for Shabbat Shalom
Early Bird Special – Register by August 28th and get 10% OFF your membership fee.

For Further Information – CLICK HERE 

To donate by credit card for the Discounted Resident Rate, CLICK HERE 

To donate by credit card for Non-Residents:  CLICK HERE 

For Cash, Check or Bank Transfer, contact Rabbi Ariel at 052-283-8599 by phone, tlvrabbi@gmail.com by email, or Pinchas 052-457-7193

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy & Sweet New Year!!!

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Tisha B’Av Film Screening – The Devil’s Arithmetic

You are invited for a Tisha B’Av film screening of the acclaimed Emmy Award winning movie – The Devil’s Arithmetic starring Kirsten Dunst & Dustin Hoffman.  the devil's arithmetic
Tuesday, August 1 – 5:30pm
The film tells the story of Hannah Stern, a young Jewish girl living in the United States in the late 20th century. One Passover eve, she is bored with the Seder and at one point complains she’s tired of dwelling on the past. When she opens the door for the prophet Elijah, she finds herself in Poland in 1942. Deported to a concentration camp and in the face of near-impossible odds, Hannah calls on all her inner resources – including hope and friendship – to survive.
Complimentary Admission.
The Projector and Sound System has been generously donated by Andreas Wankum and Family
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