Schedule of Services


Week of Sunday January 19 to Friday January 24

8:15am – Shacharit

4:45pm – Mincha

5:15pm – Maariv


Erev Shabbat, Friday January 24

4:48pm – Shabbat Candle Lighting

5:00pm –  Mincha & Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat
followed by our acclaimed Champagne Kiddush Reception in the picturesque Shomron Gardens !

Shabbat Parashat VAERA, January 25

8:30am – Cake of Coffee Breakfast (until 9:15am)

8:45am – Morning Services (Shacharit & Musaf)
followed by a Cholent and Kishke Kiddush in the beautiful Shomron Gardens

4:40pm – Mincha

5:00pm – Talmud Shiur with Rabbi Ariel (Hebrew)

5:40pm – Maariv

5:47pm – Havdalah

Invite your friends! See you all there!

There’s NOTHING like SHABBAT at TAIS!!!



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