Shabbat and Shavuot 2018 – A Weekend of Torah Learning & Spiritual Experience

Join hundreds of young Tel Avivians, Olim & Israelis alike, for our riveting weekend of Torah Learning & Spiritual Experience with Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn, Chazzan Israel Nachman and our A-List of Guest Scholars, Authors, Mystics and Public Figures with presentations in English, Hebrew and French!!!

Shavuot 2018 Flyer English

Friday – May 18
7:00pm – Mincha & Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat with Chazzan Israel Nachman followed by our Champagne Kiddush Reception
Drasha – Rav Yaakov Medan, Rosh Yeshivat Har Etzion on the topic – Why Divide the Land by Tribe? (Hebrew)
Shabbat, May 19 – Parshat Bamidbar, Erev Shavuot
8:45am – Morning Services with the Chazz
Catered Cholent Kiddush in the Shomron Garden to follow generously sponsored by our dear members Lia Lands and Dean Entebbe in honor of their marriage and Dean’s Shabbat Chatan – MAZAL TOV!
6:15pm – Shiur with Rav Yosef Leibowitz on the topic: The Connection between Shabbat, the Order of Festivals and the Coming of the Messiah (Hebrew) 
7:00pm – Mincha
7:20pm – Shiur with Rav Eyal Vered, Board Member of Tzohar on the topic: The Tablets and the Broken Tablets (Hebrew)
7:20pm – Shiur Gemara with Rabbi Ariel (English)
8:00pm – Special Festive Tefillah with the Chazz!
8:30pm – Gourmet Shavuot Dairy and Cheesecake Dinner – Advance Registration Required! For details –
11:00pm – 4:00am – All-Night Learning Program in Hebrew, English and French! TAIS Shavuot Flyer_schedule 2018 תשע׳׳ח English
English Shiurim:
11:00pm – Rabbi Yosef Leibowitz, Founder Yad Yaakov Educational Initiatives
“Secrets of the Garden of Eden”
12:00am – Rabbi Dr. Rafael Shuchat, Jewish Philosophy Department, Bar Ilan University
“Rav Chaim Volozhin’s Controversy with Chassidut”
1:00am – Amit Adler, Astrologist & Author
“Shavuot, Ruth, King David, Messiah & You”
2:00am – Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn, Rabbi of TAIS – Beit El
“Chag HaTenuvah: Vegetarianism vs. Compassionate Carnivorism”
3:00am – Open Beit Midrash with Rabbi Ariel & Rabbi Rafi
Cours de pensée juive en Français:
11:00pm – Rachel Verliebter, Author & Research Fellow for Kabbalah Research, Bar Ilan University
“Le féminin dans la Kabbale”
12:00pm – Pinchas Shuster, Shamash of TAIS – Beit El
“Shavuot & Spielberg – Quand la Torah rencontre Hollywood”
שיעורים בעברית:
23:00 – הרב יעקב מדן, ראש ישיבת הר עציון
“האם נזכר בתורה הקשר בין חג השבועות למתן תורה?”
00:00 – חיים גורן, יו”ר הבית היהודי בתל אביב, חבר מועצת העיר לשעבר ופעיל במטה שכונות הדרום
“עניי עירך קודמין” למה בעצם?”
1:00 – קלריס דיין, סופרת
“התורה כדרך חיים”
2:00 – הרב ד”ר רפאל שוחט, מרצה לפילוסופיה יהודת, אונ’ בר אילן
“קבלה והלכה – הילכו יחדיו”
3:00 – הרב ראובן כהן, מומחה בתורת החסידות
“שבועות? ביכורים? מתן תורה? שמות ומהויות”
Sunday, May 20 – Shavuot
4:00am – Kumsitz Sing-A-Long on Frishman Beach with Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn
4:45am – Reading of Megillat Ruth and Sunrise Services
8:45am – Shacharit – Main Minyan
7:15pm – Mincha
7:30pm – Shiur with Rav Yosef Leibowitz on the topic: Midrash in Tanach – Proverbs and Job (Hebrew)
8:15pm – Maariv and Havdalah
Invite your friends! See you all there!
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