Bring in the Shabbat with the Chazz Israel Nachman & Rabbi Ariel and Family on Facebook LIVE! 

TAIS Kabbalat Shabbat B'Bidud with Israel Nachman from Tzfat - March 27 2020This Friday night, April 24, get into the Shabbat spirit with TAIS on FB LIVE!

5:00pm – Join our illustrious Chazzan Israel Nachman as he sings Shabbat Songs from his home in Tzfat!

6:15pm – Rabbi Ariel and Family will then lead Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat!

For details:

To participate, CLICK HERE and the Livestream will broadcast at the above time or on Zoom

6:58pm – Candle Lighting 

Shabbat, April 25 – Parshat Tazria – Metzora – Shabbat Rosh Chodesh 

Services will not be held at TAIS until further notice but we encourage you to daven at the following times as our community parallel’s our prayers and spiritual energies with one another!

8:45am – Morning Services

7:00pm – Mincha

7:50pm – Maariv

7:56pm – Shabbat Ends – Havdalah

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