All-Night Shavuot Torah Learning Marathon in the TAIS Gardens and Sunrise Services on the Beach!

Join our Annual All-Night Torah Marathon for Shavuot featuring Guest Speakers, Rabbis, Academics, Kabbalists, Authors & Public Figures!

Here’s the full schedule of services and shiurim for Shavuot and Shabbat:

Thursday, May 28 – Erev Shavuot
7:22pm – Candle Lighting, Eruv Tavshilin
7:30pm – Mincha & Festive Evening Services
11:00pm – 4:00am – All-Night Shavuot Torah Learning Marathon in Four Languages – English, Hebrew, French & Russian!
TAIS Tikkun Leil Shavuot All night Learning Flyer English 2020
English Shiurim Schedule:
11:00pm – Dr. Gavin Samuels
“Dealing with Crisis: Jewish Philosophical Approaches”
12:00am – Atara Lindenbaum
“SY Agnon & Shavuot: The Sensory, the Divine & Whispers of the Past”
1:00am – Shulie Sadka
“Rebuilding Adam: Tanakh’s Primary Message of Unity for Humanity”
2:00am – Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn
“The Makings of Mashiach: Ruth & Boaz and What Makes Them Special”
3:00am – Open Beit Midrash, Ask the Rabbi

לוז שיעורים בעברית

23:00 – תמר וויזר
“שתי הדיברות הראשונות: שיחה עם אלוקים”
00:00 – הרב שמחה כהן
“ואהבתם את הגר”
1:00 – הרב אריאל קונסטנטין
“כל האומר דוד חטא אינו אלא טועה: התייחסות חז”ל לאבות וגיבורי ישראל”
2:00 – עטרה לינדנבוים
“שפת אמת על שבועות ומגילת רות”
3:00 – בית מדרש פתוח, שאל את הרב

Cours de pensée juive en Français:
11:00am – David Roth
“Exil et redemption de I ame et du corps”

Уроки еврейской философии
11:00pm – Rav Yosef Hersonski
“5 из 70 ликов Торы”

Friday, May 29 – Shavuot

Following the learning, we will gather on the beach for a sing-a-long, listen to the comforting words of Megillat Ruth and daven as the dawn breaks over the ocean.
4:00am – Kumsitz Sing-A-Long on Frishman Beach with Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn
4:45am – Reading of Megillat Ruth and Sunrise Services on Frishman Beach

8:45am – Shacharit – Main Minyan
7:00pm – Mincha & Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat
7:22pm – Candle Lighting

Shabbat, May 30 – Parshat Naso
8:45am – Morning Services
7:20pm – Mincha
7:45pm – Talmud Shiur with Rabbi Ariel (English)
8:23pm – Maariv and Havdalah

For more details & RSVP:

Invite your friends! See you all there!
Chag Sameach & Shabbat Shalom


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