Inspiring Shabbat Services with Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn & Guest Chazzan Tzvi Grinheim @TAIS Shomron Gardens & on FB LIVE!

With the potential threat of a second wave, we have decided to remain cautious and continue our outdoor prayer gatherings with 50 people in the Shomron Gardens with the same health parameters as in previous weeks.

As space is limited and the demand is very high, we are requesting pre-registration.  To reserve your slot, email the TAIS office at 

Friday, June 5  Tzvi Grinheim Deck Davening
6:45pm – Mincha

7:00pm – Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat with Chazzan Tzvi Grinheim on FB LIVE from the TAIS Shomron Gardens!

The LIVESTREAMS will be broadcast at the above times – CLICK HERE

For details:

7:26pm – Candle Lighting 

Shabbat, June 6 – Parshat Beha’alotcha 

8:45am – Morning Services with Chazzan Grinheim

7:25pm – Mincha

7:45pm – Gemara Shiur with Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn (English/Hebrew)

8:20pm – Maariv

8:28pm – Shabbat Ends – Havdalah

Shabbat Shalom!

Invite your friends! See you all there!
Chag Sameach & Shabbat Shalom
There’s NOTHING like SHABBAT at TAIS!!!

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