Hoshana Raba Evening of Learning ONLINE!

Join for an evening of Torah study in honor of Hoshana Raba with Rabbi Dr. Rafael Shuchat, Atara Lindenbaum and Tamar Weizer on Zoom and FB LIVE!  TAIS Hoshana Raba Evening of Learning 2020Thursday night, October 8
7:45pm – Tamar Weizer on the topic: “The Wacky Custom of Whacking the Willows” (Hebrew)
Zoom Link: https://bit.ly/2HR2y3a
Passcode: 686584
8:00pm – Rabbi Rafi Shuchat will speak on the topic: “The Mystery of 7: The Sukkah, The Ushpizin and the Hakafot” (English)
Zoom link same as Tamar Weizer above
9:30pm – Atara Lindenbaum on the topic: “Big Feelings and Big Whales: How we can say Goodbye to the Sukkah” (English)
Zoom Link: https://bit.ly/2GbxVVP
Passcode: 068968
Complimentary Admission
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