TAIS Full Package Seder Kit & Catering + Chessed Drive

As Pesach approaches, we are pleased to offer, once again this year, a full package gourmet Seder Kit including a 5 course Holiday meal for 4 plus everything you need for the Seder from shankbone to afikoman – delivered right to your door!

In addition, you can participate in the great and important mitzvah of Kimcha D’Pischa – to donate Seder provisions for those in need – and this year, there are more than ever struggling after a year of lockdowns.

Each Seder Kit and Catering includes:
** A Seder Plate with all the items required.
** Matzah Shmurah plus 1 Kilo of Machine Made
** Wine and Grape Juice
** Deluxe & Complete Plasticware table settings
** A fully catered 5 course gourmet meal for four including:
a. 5 types of Salads
b. Fish Appetizer
c. Chicken Soup withseder 6 Kneidelach (Matza Balls)
c. Two Entrees – Chicken and Meat
d. 3 Side Dishes
e. Dessert

Each package includes four meals and delivery to your door at NO additional cost!

TAIS Members: 1,050 nis
Non-Members: 1,100 nis

As we raise chessed funds for the holiday, we hope to help subsidize and/or provide the above Seder Kit & Catering for those in need. If you are able to contribute to the efforts, if you know someone in need or if you yourself are in need, pls email us at TAISFrishman23@gmail.com .

Absolute Order Deadline: Tuesday, March 23
To order online: https://eventbuzz.co.il/lp/event/taispesachseder-kit-and-catering2021
For cash, check or bank transfer (saving you the credit card fee), contact Atara at 058-403-8797

Wishing everyone a sweet, happy and most importantly, a healthy Pesach!

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