Kashrut List For Pesach

Here is a List of Food Products that Do NOT Require a Kosher for Passover Label

The products must be sealed and not opened before Passover.

  1.  Fresh or Frozen Meat (not ground), Chicken, Fish
  2.  Smoked Salmon (lox), Tuna in water or olive oil.   Sephardim can also use Tuna in vegetable oil
  3.  Oil – Olive & Canola for Ashkenazim.  Sephardim can also use Soy and Corn Oil
  4.  Frozen Vegetables ex. broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, etc
  5.  Apple Cider Vinegar, Wine Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar
  6.  Salt, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Honey, Coffee, Tea (Black, White, Green included, flower and fruit tea not included)
  7.  Butter, Long Life Milk

Rules of “Kosher for Kitniyot Eaters Only” Food Labels for Ashkenazim

Ashkenazim and some North African Jews have the custom to refrain from eating Kitniyot (rice, corn, beans, legumes, etc).  Many of the packaged food in Israel is labeled “Kosher for Passover – for Kitniyot Eaters Only”.  However, Rabbi Stav and Tzohar has ruled that as long as Kitniyot ingredients are not listed on the label, the products are permitted to Ashkenazim for a number of reasons:

1. Most often, the labeling is a result of the factory not cleaning the production line between runs, not because there is actual Kitniyot in the product.
2.  If Kitniyot ingredients are not listed, they can constitute less than 2% of the product thereby rendering them insignificant (batel)
3.  The Kitniyot have changed form in the mixture.

A List of Food Products Labeled “Kosher for Passover for Kitniyot Eaters Only” that Ashkenazim Can Eat

  1. Meat products
  2. Cheese and dairy products
  3. Vitamins and Medicines – even chewables with flavor which strengthen the body and boost the immunity (according to Rav Herschel Schechter of YU)
  4. Any product where Kitniyot is not listed as an ingredient on the package

For more details: https://www.tzohar.org.il/?p=35557

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