Tisha B’Av @TAIS – Eicha on the Beach with Songs & Stories of Jerusalem

Saturday night, July 17 – 9:30pm on Frishman Beach

For details: https://www.facebook.com/events/267354611825746

TAIS Tisha B'Av Eicha Booklet cover - General

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Shabbat with the CHAZZ! Carlebach! Champagne! Cholent! Chevre!

image_6483441 (4)For services times, click HERE

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Shavuot All-Night Learning at TAIS!

IMG-0240 (1)

IMG-0242For details and to RSVP:  https://www.facebook.com/events/265566501933316

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When Pesach Starts on Saturday Night – A Law Review by Rabbi Stewart Weiss

When Erev Pesach (14 Nisan) occurs on Shabbat, there are numerous Halachot that differ from other years. This overview is meant as a guide to those Halachot. For specific questions, consult your Rav. Chag Kasher V’Sameach!

  1. The Fast of the First-Born, normally held on Erev Pesach, is instead held on Thursday (12 Nisan) for those fasting. Of course, it is customary to attend a Siyum B’Chorim on that day in order to be exempted from fasting.
  1. Bedikat (the search for) Chametz is done immediately after dark (6:35 pm Ra’anana time) on Thursday night, with the appropriate Bracha. After Bedika, the Bitul (nullification) is said, in both Aramaic and whatever language one understands. It can be found in Machzorim & most siddurim.
  1. Biur (the burning of) Chametz takes place on Friday morning, preferably by 11:32 am (one who forgot may technically burn the Chametz all day). No bitul declaration is made after burning as in other years. This declaration will be made on Shabbat morning by 11:32 am.
  1. Mechirat (the sale of) Chametz should be completed by Thursday, although the sale contract permits use of the Chametz until the prohibition of eating Chametz begins on Shabbat morning.
  1. One may bake Challa on Friday, but must be sure to Mafrish (separate and burn) the Challa dough before Shabbat. (Of course, if the house is made kosher l’Pesach by Friday – as we strongly advise – then this would not apply!)
  1. Those who do not refrain from eating Matza from Rosh Chodesh Nisan may eat Matza on Friday, but regular Matza may not be eaten on Shabbat.

Note: While kitniyot products may be eaten on Shabbat, Erev Pesach, it is our custom (at least for adults) not to do so.

  1. In order to eat the prescribed 3 meals on Shabbat, some have the custom to rise early for Tefila on Shabbat; wash and eat Challa (“Lechem Mishna”), and conclude no later than 10:15 am. As for Seuda Shlisheit, one may either A) Say Birkat Hamazon, wash and make another Motzi before 10:15 am or B) Simply eat Seudat Shlisheit in the afternoon with meat, fish or fruit (and not bread).

One’s house should be kashered for Pesach by Friday, eating kosher l’Pesach meals throughout Shabbat. If Challa is eaten Friday night or Shabbat morning, it should be kept in a separate area on throw-away dishes or napkins which are disposed of after eating. If one is eating Challa at a separate table, one should recite Kiddush there as well, and have in mind to continue the meal at the main table. Birkat Hamazon may be said at the main table.

In place of Challah, one may eat Matza Ashira for the Motzi. Matza Ashira may also be used for Seuda Shlisheit, provided this Matza is eaten by 12:30 pm on Shabbat (others permit it to be eaten until 3:45 pm). It may NOT be used to fulfill the Mitzva of Matza at the Seder, and preferably should be eaten on Pesach only for those who cannot digest regular matza.

8) Kashering for Pesach may be done all day Friday until candle lighting (6:36 pm in Ra’anana). No kashering may be done on Shabbat.

9) By 11:30 am on Shabbat morning, the final Bitul declaration should be made, wherever one happens to be.


Because one may not prepare for YomTov during Shabbat, and in order to start the Seder without delay, there are a number of items which should be prepared before Shabbat.

1) The Z’roah (shankbone) and egg for the Seder plate should be roasted before Shabbat.

2) The Charoset should be ground before Shabbat. If one forgot, it may be prepared on Motzei Shabbat with a shinui (deviation, such as using the left-hand).

3) When using Chazeret (horseradish root) for Maror (note: bottled horseradish is not suitable for the Mitzva of Maror) one may wait until after Shabbat to grind the root, in order to maintain its potency. One may also grind the root before Shabbat and then keep it covered and refrigerated until the Seder.

When using Romaine lettuce for Maror, it is preferable, through not required, to examine the lettuce for any bugs before Shabbat. If one does prepare the lettuce Friday, the leaves should not be soaked in water over Shabbat.

4) Salt water may be prepared either before or after Shabbat.

5) The Seder table may not be set during Shabbat. After dark, one can say “Baruch hamavdil bein kodesh l’kodesh” & begin cooking & preparing for YomTov (& light YomTov candles).

6) It is customary to read the Haggada on Shabbat from “Avadim Hayinu” to “L’Chaper.”

7) It is customary for children (and a good idea for adults, too!) to sleep on Erev Pesach so as to be awake for all the Seder.

8) The Havdala paragraph (“V’Todiyanu“) is added to the Kiddush at the Seder.

9) The Afikoman should be eaten by 12:40 am on Motzei Shabbat.

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Kashrut List For Pesach

Here is a List of Food Products that Do NOT Require a Kosher for Passover Label

The products must be sealed and not opened before Passover.

  1.  Fresh or Frozen Meat (not ground), Chicken, Fish
  2.  Smoked Salmon (lox), Tuna in water or olive oil.   Sephardim can also use Tuna in vegetable oil
  3.  Oil – Olive & Canola for Ashkenazim.  Sephardim can also use Soy and Corn Oil
  4.  Frozen Vegetables ex. broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, etc
  5.  Apple Cider Vinegar, Wine Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar
  6.  Salt, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Honey, Coffee, Tea (Black, White, Green included, flower and fruit tea not included)
  7.  Butter, Long Life Milk

Rules of “Kosher for Kitniyot Eaters Only” Food Labels for Ashkenazim

Ashkenazim and some North African Jews have the custom to refrain from eating Kitniyot (rice, corn, beans, legumes, etc).  Many of the packaged food in Israel is labeled “Kosher for Passover – for Kitniyot Eaters Only”.  However, Rabbi Stav and Tzohar has ruled that as long as Kitniyot ingredients are not listed on the label, the products are permitted to Ashkenazim for a number of reasons:

1. Most often, the labeling is a result of the factory not cleaning the production line between runs, not because there is actual Kitniyot in the product.
2.  If Kitniyot ingredients are not listed, they can constitute less than 2% of the product thereby rendering them insignificant (batel)
3.  The Kitniyot have changed form in the mixture.

A List of Food Products Labeled “Kosher for Passover for Kitniyot Eaters Only” that Ashkenazim Can Eat

  1. Meat products
  2. Cheese and dairy products
  3. Vitamins and Medicines – even chewables with flavor which strengthen the body and boost the immunity (according to Rav Herschel Schechter of YU)
  4. Any product where Kitniyot is not listed as an ingredient on the package

For more details: https://www.tzohar.org.il/?p=35557

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TAIS Full Package Seder Kit & Catering + Chessed Drive

As Pesach approaches, we are pleased to offer, once again this year, a full package gourmet Seder Kit including a 5 course Holiday meal for 4 plus everything you need for the Seder from shankbone to afikoman – delivered right to your door!

In addition, you can participate in the great and important mitzvah of Kimcha D’Pischa – to donate Seder provisions for those in need – and this year, there are more than ever struggling after a year of lockdowns.

Each Seder Kit and Catering includes:
** A Seder Plate with all the items required.
** Matzah Shmurah plus 1 Kilo of Machine Made
** Wine and Grape Juice
** Deluxe & Complete Plasticware table settings
** A fully catered 5 course gourmet meal for four including:
a. 5 types of Salads
b. Fish Appetizer
c. Chicken Soup withseder 6 Kneidelach (Matza Balls)
c. Two Entrees – Chicken and Meat
d. 3 Side Dishes
e. Dessert

Each package includes four meals and delivery to your door at NO additional cost!

TAIS Members: 1,050 nis
Non-Members: 1,100 nis

As we raise chessed funds for the holiday, we hope to help subsidize and/or provide the above Seder Kit & Catering for those in need. If you are able to contribute to the efforts, if you know someone in need or if you yourself are in need, pls email us at TAISFrishman23@gmail.com .

Absolute Order Deadline: Tuesday, March 23
To order online: https://eventbuzz.co.il/lp/event/taispesachseder-kit-and-catering2021
For cash, check or bank transfer (saving you the credit card fee), contact Atara at 058-403-8797

Wishing everyone a sweet, happy and most importantly, a healthy Pesach!

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Multiple Mini-Community Pesach Seders: Passover in Tel Aviv 2021 with TAIS!

As we start to see the freedom of liberation from lockdowns and all are craving some human contact and holiday spirit together, TAIS is pleased to organize a number of small communal seders for those vaccinated or recovered within the Health Ministry’s guidelines.

Thanks to a generous donor, we can offer subsidies to those in need so that no one is alone for Seder this year!   

Pesach seder

At the TAIS Seder, you will:
** Meet amazing new people from around the world!
** Enjoy an elegant and gourmet Five Course Seder Banquet!
** Experience the Pesach Seder with the TAIS community filled with song, study and spirit!

Saturday night, March 27
following festive Evening Services at 7:00pm

TAIS Members 5781: 265 NIS
Non-Members & Guests: 285 NIS
Children (3-8): 180 nis
Lone Soldiers: FREE!

Last Minute reservations (after March 23 if space allows) – 310 NIS

To pay by credit card: https://eventbuzz.co.il/lp/event/tais-seder2021
To pay by cash, check, bank transfer or request a subsidy based on financial need, contact Atara at 058-403-8797.
VERY Limited Seating – Register TODAY!
Absolute Deadline: Tuesday, March 23 or until we’re sold out!
Please note: No reservation is complete without payment!

Chag Kasher V’Sameach!

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Important Purim Update! New TAIS Megillah Reading & National Broadcast Schedule Due to Holiday Lockdown & Curfew

The First Reading will be aired LIVE nationally on YNET and we are the official reading of the TLV Municipality to be broadcast on their FB LIVE!

According to Rav David Stav and Rav Chaim Amsallem, you can fulfill your obligation through the live broadcast.

Due to the new restrictions, we have updated the Purim Megillah schedule as follows:

Thursday, February 25

6:15pm – First Reading Outdoors with Simultaneous Translation to Sign Language broadcast on YNET & TLV’s Iriya FB LIVE (and our TAIS FB Page).
Will admit participants in the garden within the limitations of the Ministry of Health

6:15pm – Second Reading inside the synagogue (within the guidelines of the Green Pass)

7:15pm – Third Reading Outdoors in the Garden (within the limitations of the Ministry of Health)

Free Beer, Shots and Individually Wrapped Holiday Treats will be served!

Complimentary Mishloach Manot for all children!

Friday, February 26

8:00am – Shacharit and Megillah Reading Outside in the Garden

The Megillah Readings are in collaboration with Tzohar, Ohr Torah Stone “Yachad” Department, Ynet and the Tel Aviv Municipality!

RSVP:  https://www.facebook.com/events/478990436575271

May we all have a safe, healthy and joyous Purim!

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Multiple Megillah Readings Outdoors in the TAIS Shomron Gardens to be Livestreamed on YNET and on FB LIVE of TLV Municipality & TAIS!!

It’s hard to imagine that just a year ago, Purim was our last normal event, although already scaled down due to the pandemic.  This year, we cannot host the thousand plus crowd that flock to attend our Annual Festive Megillah Reading and Purim Celebration.

However, the show must go on!  And we are excited to share that our Festive Megillah Reading will reach tens of thousands this year!  It will be broadcast nationally on YNET and will be the official broadcast reading of Tel Aviv’s municipality on FB LIVE!

We will hold multiple outdoor readings in the garden within the restrictions of the lockdown (20 men and 20 women per reading) as well as inside with the Green Pass guidelines.  Purim Megillah Readings 2021

Thursday, February 25

7:00pm – First Reading with Rabbi Dr. Rafi Shuchat

8:00pm – Second Reading with Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn with Simultaneous Translation to Sign Language and Musical Accompaniment – broadcast on YNET & TLV’s Iriya FB LIVE (and our TAIS FB Page) 

9:00pm – Third Reading – Sephardic Tradition with Eldad Zohar

Free Beer, Shots and Individually Wrapped Holiday Treats will be served!

Complimentary Mishloach Manot for all children!

The Megillah Readings are in collaboration with Tzohar, Ohr Torah Stone “Yachad” Department, Ynet and the Tel Aviv Municipality!

RSVP:  https://www.facebook.com/events/478990436575271

May we all have a safe, healthy and joyous Purim!

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Fulfill all your Purim Mitzvot with TAIS’s Deluxe Purim Package!

TAIS is excited to offer a full service Purim Package to fulfill ALL your Purim Mitzvot including delivery right to your doorstep! 89034

The Four Mitzvot of Purim are:
1. Mishloach Manot
2. Matanot Le’evyonim (gifts for the needy)
3. Mishteh (Purim Seudah)
4. Megillat Esther x2

Each Purim Package includes: A Deluxe Dairy Brunch for Two, Wine + Megillot (x2)

You can order the Purim Package and fulfill the following mitzvot:

1.  Mishteh + Megillah @ 125 NIS

Enjoy the Deluxe Brunch & wine as your Purim Seudah and come/listen to the Megillah at TAIS or online and fulfill two of the mitzvot.  (includes free delivery)

2.  Mishloach Manot @ 125 NIS:

Send a Purim Package to a friend or neighbor in Tel Aviv (includes free delivery)

3.  Matanot L’Evyonim @ 125 NIS:

Packages donated will be distributed to those in need on Purim day. (Co Sponsor option also available @ 60 NIS – enough to fulfill your mitzvah)

Order three packages and fulfill ALL for Purim Mitzvot!

To order:  https://eventbuzz.co.il/lp/event/taismishloachmanot2021
Deadline to order: Wednesday, February 24 – 12:00pm
Proceeds to benefit TAIS!

For more information:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1133019857158775/

Wishing everyone a Purim Sameach!

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